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The R. H. "Ty" Robinson Legacy Club

Membership in the R. H. "Ty" Robinson Legacy Club celebrates our donors who have included CMC Foundation in their will or trust, have given securities, or have made a planned gift such as a charitable gift annuity or trust. Whether for current use or to build endowments, support from these donors will bring health and healing to Community patients long into the future. And that's the true definition of legacy – something handed on from those who have come before.

We celebrate here the donors who we have permission to recognize for their legacy gifts, through November 2013, to CMC Foundation:

Dr. Phil & Sandy Barney
Mary M. Bell*
Russell* & Grace* Brooks
Reanette Cook*
Betty Cron*
Ida Croskrey*
Frank & Rae Lynn D'Angelo
Craig & Peggy Daue
Gerald H. Doty*
Chuck Douglas*
Mark & Dorcie Dvarishkis
John A. Evert* & Nora Staael Evert*
Dr. Paul & Cyd Ferguson
William* & Rosemary* Gallagher
Ann Gavin*
Dr. Richard Hammen
Bill & Ramona Holt
Pauline Imel*
Dr. James & Sonia Jarrett
Mark* & Marjorie* Jennings
Dr. Stephen Kemple
Dr. Vince & Susan Meng
Dennis Minemyer
Susan Muralt
The Mytty Family
Dave & Suzanne Peterson
Michele Robinson
R.H. "Ty" Robinson
Daniel & Shirley Schneiter
Dr. Robert* & Ann* Spierling
Dr. Lennard Wilson & Karen Erickson
Kevin & Margaret Winter
Yvette Wirth
Steve & Marti Wolfinger
Keith D. Wright*

* Denotes members who have passed on

If you have included CMC Foundation in your will or trust, we would appreciate hearing your Community story and talking with you about recognition in the Robinson Legacy Club. Please contact at the Foundation, , or come by our office on campus. If you would like to explore legacy giving that may help you to meet your personal, family and financial goals, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and your advisors. Thank you.